Mobile Revolution in India

Far from being a lifestyle product, Mobiles have now become a necessity. India has seen a huge spur in mobiles in the past 5 years and it has penetrated even to the rural areas of India to a good extent. With entrants of CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) like Reliance communications and Tata Indicom the call rates have been reduced and usability has been increased. The launch of the revolutionary offer of a mobile phone along with a connection by Reliance for Rs.500 boosted the mobile sales to sky soaring limits. Over and above with the STD rates and the call rates reducing day by day and new competitors entering, the mobile market has flung open high growth prospects.

The most highly potential and highly targeted market for mobile phones is the youth market. Mobiles have become a necessity in this market. But over and above the handsets have now become more of a style statement. Thus simply owning a mobile phone is not enough, the priority of this market lies in owning handsets that best exhibit your style. This need has given rise to innumerable handsets with varied extra features like MP3 players, cameras, Bluetooth, etc. Thus mobile phones have traveled a far way from a device transmitting voice calls to a technology that entertains (MP3), lets you be creative (camera) and helps you with your studies too (MS office applications). mobile stores near me

Mobiles are not just a plaything of the adolescents. For many it is a lifeline. For Businessmen this piece of technology is an office and livelihood rolled into one. Mobiles have made business transactions an easy process. Though the main and final deals continue to be made in person. All the prior discussions are now made simpler due to mobile phones. Most businessmen agree that a major chunk of their business transaction is covered through mobile phones and it has made the process a lot simpler. Now they no longer have to travel long distances to meet the clients. This way your precious time and energy is saved which in turn leads to a relaxed mind that would eventually help you make proper decisions. Besides with a mobile phone in hand, now you can be available to more clients 24 hours of the day.

As the mobile phone users are increasing rapidly, mobile stores too has the competition getting tougher as more players enter this market. With the low rates and excellent service from the CDMA players, a twist in the tale is likely. The power and potency of the mobile market is understandable with the entrance of the two state-run fixed-line providers BSNL and MTNL into the bandwagon.

Mobile stores in India are growing amazingly. It is interesting to know that though the mobile phone trend has so well seeped into the lifestyle of every average Indian, the future of landline phones is not at all in the dark. Experts believe that a family will own several mobile phones; however they will continue to have a fixed landline at home.

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