Dating Women – Four Dating Mistakes That Will Make Her Run Away From You

Dating women can be a fantastic experience, all the excitement and the happiness they can provide is refreshing. However, if you do just one of these mistakes, dating women will become a true nightmare.

These mistakes are truly terrible to do.

They will not only make her run away from you, but they are going to give you a tremendous blow to your self-confidence, and we all know that self-confidence is the most important thing when it comes to dating women.

You have to pay close attention to these mistakes and try to never do them, even if you aren’t with a woman.

· Dating women mistake number one is: having a terrible appearance

I think that having a terrible appearance is the ultimate mistake you can make when dating women.

You can be well dressed but still having a terrible appearance.

What does terrible appearance mean then?

It can imply a lot of issues with your outer appearance, but the most noticeable to women are:

Having a bad smell, I’ve seen (smelled) man dating women smelling like bear, or even fish.

Having dirty or ugly shoes (the most hatful thing about your appearance to women)

Dressing funny ( unmatching colors or styles)

Trying to cover your baldness หนังโป๊

These are the most important ones; try to stay away from them.

· Dating women mistake number two is: asking too many question

Trust me, this is a mistake all of us do with women.

The truth is that we are wired to speak a lot with women and to try to convince them.

Yet, it’s working against us all the time.

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