‘Connectivity’ at its Best With HTC TyTN Smartphone

Nowadays, mobile phones are not just for having a chat. Last couple of years has witnessed the ushering of the smartphones era. A smartphone is not just a mobile but a device having advanced information access features, such as Web access, e-mail exchanging, voice recognition, etc in addition to providing a complete personal organiser.

HTC has gained a strong foothold in the smartphone market. HTC is not only manufacturing trendy smartphones but is also selling them under its own brand name. oppo f17 pro

HTC TyTN (with the code name is HTC Hermes) smartphone is gaining popularity among the ‘connoisseurs’ of high-tech mobile phones. TyTN (pronounced as ‘Titan’) is available in black and silver colours.

One of the features that this smartphone boasts of is the smartly-concealed QWERTY keyboard that you need to just slide out for using the phone as a messaging device. The keys are easy to use for typing and they really make typing a pleasurable experience. You can use your two thumbs or forefingers for typing.

So, you can send important messages or edit some crucial business documents even when you are walking!
The keys in HTC TyTN are rectangular in shape and are packed tightly together. There are 39 keys in the keyboard arranged in four rows, each row having ten keys each. The spacebar is located in the bottom row and occupies two positions. There are two soft keys to control menus from the keyboard. The locks present in the keyboard help to keep the keyboard firmly shut or fully extended. This ensures easy typing.

TyTN offers attractive connectivity features. It supports triband UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System) that offer the benefit of global roaming, i.e you can stay connected to your office colleagues and closed ones wherever you are. This smartphone also supports 3G capabilities that facilitate simultaneous transfer of voice data (telephone calls) and non-voice data (information download, e-mail exchange and instant messaging. HTC TyTN also has support for Wi-Fi, quad-band GSM and GPRS/EDGE wireless communication technologies.

So, the next time you go for a business tour, leave behind the bulky laptops at home and communicate in a sleek and smart way with the TyTN smartphone.


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